Getting Things Ready

Zac Kostenko / February 28, 2019

We are getting close! The launch of our beta is nearly here and we are hard at work finalizing some updates and streamlining the system. We have some great new features that we are sure users will love. But before we cover those, we want to recap some of the features that will be available at launch:

  • The Orbspace Website Builder – Our philosophy is to start you off with blocks. From there you can easily select different layouts or design choices. Then easily start to make more ganular changes for colors and fonts. With our builder, your website can be up and running in no time with our easy to use system. 
  • Blog and Portfolio Functionality – Orbspace offers a Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to create and maintain blogs, portfolios, and teams. Items that use our CMS make your life easier by easily connecting to our builder. This allows you to just focus on adjusting content and design choices with the builder. 
  • Domain Management - Looking for a new domain or have an existing domain you want to link to?  Not a problem!  Orbspace offers domain management so that you can link your website to your URL of choice. Orbspace starts you off with a subdomain (e.g., but you can easily manage your choices with our system. We also allow you to use an SSL certificates. 






  • Video Tutorials & Knowledge Database – We understand that there will always be questions when using a new system. While Orbspace is pretty easy to use, we provide video tutorials and a knowledge database just in case.  

New Features:  Orbspace has been undergoing multiple updates as we prepare for our launch.

  • The Dashboard area received a code base upgrade and we added the capability for users to easy add and control multiple websites in preparation for future package options.


  • We also completed three (3) new, full themes to start users off with. Users will be able to select from having a business theme, a restaurant theme, or a portfolio theme to start off with. Talior them to your liking!


  • And if you didn't notice from the above picture, we also updated our Builder's UI. The new interface is clean and simple. We are excited to see it in action.  


So that is what we have been up to. We have kept busy for the last eight (8) weeks working to merge code versions, resolving bugs, and increasing stability to the plaftrom. We are working hard to wrap these things up in the near future, hopefully in the next two (2) weeks, so we can launch the Orbspace Beta. 

Grab a Pre-Launch Account:  If you like what you are seeing and are looking for some savings, Orbspace will be offering limited Presale Accounts in the intial launch rollout window. This gives early supports a year's worth of services for only $100. Thats 55% off our normal price. Got to our homepage and click the "Get A Pre-Launch Account" to claim your spot.